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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS 2015 – not this year.

I used to make a list similar to this one every year.  When I finally realized that it wasn’t working, I stopped.

This year I spent some time thinking this over. What do I really want for 2015? What do I want my life to look like? What’s my vision?

More time with family and friends. More time doing things that I love…things that mean something to me. Treating myself better. Treating everyone better.

Not what my list looked like 10 years ago…maybe I’m finally growing up!

What it boils down to for 2015:   BE TRUE TO YOU

You don’t need to create a NEW you.  You just need to be TRUE to you. Get to know yourself, and truly be yourself.  What would your life look like if you made your decisions by being true to you.  Form a life vision that you can see, hear, touch and smell. And rather than looking at a daunting list of rules and resolutions, look to your vision of you.

When making decisions, I’ll use my vision:

Should I eat a donut this morning?  I LIKE feeling healthy.  I’ll be true to that feeling and save it for a special treat.
Should I take that job offer?  Is it a part of my vision, or can my vision be alive and well while I do this job?
Should I pursue that crazy dream?  Of course, if it is a part of your vision.

Be yourself with no apologies. 


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