The Florida Keys—5 Other Reasons to Go

The Florida Keys. It was time for a scouting trip. Having been raised in Florida, and having visited the Keys many times I must say I didn’t expect quite such an adventure. But this is the first time I’ve driven from top to bottom, stopping for every little whim that caught our attention. A few words to describe this trip;  exhilarating, green, insightful, awe-inspiring, off-the-wall.

I’ll try to explain with my 5 “other” reasons you should go. because of course there are a million reasons to go that everyone already knows. Sun, fun, key lime pie, Key West, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, Dry Tortugas…you really can’t go wrong.

Homestead. Really? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Lush, green rows of crops. Exotic fields of fruits I’ve never seen before. Fun place to get lost. Amazingly beautiful winery. Again, really? Yes.

Jackfruit at fruit stand
airboat riders in the Everglades
Everglades alligator in the grass
The Everglades. Acre after acre of beautiful tropical wetlands. Kitschy indian and alligator attractions. Opportunities to purchase your very own Bendy the Alligator. Gotta love him.

Wicked Cool History.  The trials of early settlers, native indians, Henry Flagler’s railroad, and the wrecking industry that made Key West the wealthiest city in America for a time.

Woman at Everglades airboat ride
keys sea turtle
toy alligator

Meet Dolphin & Sea Turtle Saviors. Stop at the Dolphin Research Center. And stop at the Turtle Hospital. Learn about the beautiful marine life in the Florida Keys and about what the people here are doing to help preserve them and keep them safe. This is where the word “awe-inspiring” comes in to play—both the people and the marine life.

The zany things you’ll see. The people here are unique. They’ve made a choice to live a life-style a little different than the average American suburbanite. So fun to talk to and learn from. And the things they create are out-of-this-world. (NautiLimo, anyone?)


There’s no other place like it in the world!  Can’t wait to go back this November. Join me and the other Sol Sisters for an exploration from top to bottom, and in between!


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