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The Florida Keys. Key West comes to mind. Maybe Key Largo. But it occurred to me on my Sol Sister Adventures scouting trip through the Keys that few people realize just how extensive they are. They begin about 15 miles south of Miami and form a coral arch stretching far southwest to the uninhabited Dry Tortugas, dividing the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the west. A 120-mile island chain with a drive time of almost 3 hours from tip to tip. Add another 2 hours by high-speed ferry if you want to visit the Dry Tortugas. Not so much the single destination that often comes to mind.


Amazing satellite image of the Florida Keys. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2000)

So people underestimate travel time in the Keys on a regular basis—even before being affected by the Keys’ overall slow-paced attitude! A friend of mine got married at a beautiful resort in Islamorada. The maid-of-honor, thinking she had chosen lodging close by—”just one key south!”—almost missed the nuptials all together.

Point being, don’t underestimate the “tiny little string” of Florida Keys. They are big in adventure, ecology, wildlife (of both kinds) and history. Take your time with its exploration.

Discover the Florida Keys with us—from top to bottom. It’s our last and only trip remaining open in 2014!

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