Are you a Sol Sister

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Are you a sol sister?

Our typical adventure traveler is 40-65 years old. Though some are older or younger, age barriers seem to fall away on our adventures. Many of our guests travel solo and look forward to meeting other like-minded women on her trip, while some bring along sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts, friends or partners. Some love to travel with friends, but find it difficult to find others with similar interests or schedules.

Some are happily single. Some are happily married, with a husband that isn’t particularly interested in adventure travel. Sometimes moms just want to get away. And sometimes retired women have enough free time to enjoy as many trips as they please!

Sol Sisters are active, supportive and fun-loving. They appreciate good company, good food, nature, learning, living beautiful moments and creating memories.


  • Commune with nature in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Travel to new places without having to worry about the details
  • Try new and exciting activities in the spirit of self-discovery
  • Meet people and form new connections
  • Grow in spirit and awareness
  • Eat really good food
  • Live, laugh and discover…