Can you describe the typical Sol Sister Adventure woman?

Our typical adventure traveler is 40-65 years old. Though some are older or younger, age barriers seem to fall away on our adventures. Many of our guests travel solo and look forward to meeting other like-minded women on her trip, while some bring along sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts, friends or partners. Some love to travel with friends, but find it difficult to find others with similar interests or schedules.

Some are happily single. Some are happily married, with a husband that isn’t particularly interested in adventure travel. Sometimes moms just want to get away. And sometimes retired women have enough free time to enjoy as many trips as they please!

Sol Sister women are active, supportive and fun-loving. They appreciate good company, good food, nature, learning, living beautiful moments and creating memories.

Why choose Sol Sister Adventures rather than planning my own trip?

Sol Sister Adventures are a great value. Many times it would be difficult to plan the same trip on your own without spending much more.

Our groups of 10-14 women are fun. If you’ve tried to gather a travel group on your own, you know it can be challenging to accommodate the schedules, budgets and needs of a group.

We make it easy. Women typically plan family outings, meals and juggle work in addition. With Sol Sister Adventures, activities, meals and transportation is place. Just show up and have fun!

How do I know if a Sol Sister Adventure is right for me?
A Sol Sister Adventure combines nature, ecology, history, culture—or all of these—with light sport activities such as sailing, hiking and paddling. The result is beautiful, balanced adventures. Our activities are not a competition. You can go at your own pace.

If you like nature travel but also appreciate comfortable, unique accommodations; Sol Sister Adventures is for you. If you like yoga, but don’t want to do it all day, every day of your vacation; Sol Sister Adventures is for you!

Why is Sol Sister Adventures for women only?
This question is one of our favorites! Here are a few reasons:

A women-only trip allows you to “take the helm”. Men have a tendency to protect women from anything different or new. A women-only adventure provides a more full-on experience!

OR sometimes men expect to be taken care of. On a women-only trip there is no one but yourself to worry about.

Women only trips allow us to just be ourselves. No makeup, no problem. Let your hair down and laugh, dance, sing! It’s the closest thing to a slumber party that you’ll experience as an adult! Relax and just be girls again.

Who are the Sol Sister Adventures guides?
Our guides are chosen for their skills and experience, but also for their ability to meet the needs of our guests. They are there to help you learn a new skill, or assist with any special requests or concerns with your trip. Most trips will offer two Sol Sister guides to assist you. Some of our trips are offered in conjunction with an experienced local outfitter, in which case you will still always have at least one Sol Sister Adventures guide to help ensure you have your best adventure experience.
What kind of food can I expect on my trip?
Our trips usually offer a combination of guide-prepared meals and dining out to more fully experience our destination. We enjoy healthy, hearty and delicious meals. There is a mix of vegetarian meals and meals that offer meats or seafood. When we dine out, we choose excellent local fare that provides a good sampling of foods enjoyed in the area. With advance notice, we can accommodate special dietary needs.
What are your refund, deposit and reservation policies?
You can learn about all of our booking policies here.
What are your privacy policies?
You can learn about our privacy policies here.